“PictoQuest” out on Nintendo Switch!

– Press assets available here ( 🡇📁 DOWNLOAD – Zip / 13mo)
– Who is NanoPiko ? > more details.
– Why the surprise releases strategy ? > more details.

Come and save the realm of Pictoria!

Logic puzzles with a light RPG twist, here comes PictoQuest!

Challenge your deductive skills by helping our two young heroes on their quest to bring the legendary paintings of Pictoria back!
Look carefully at the numbers on the edges of the grid to stop the sneaky wizard Moonface…

– Face plenty of grids and discover some beautifully animated enemies and artefacts!

– Fight baddies (even bosses!) on the way. Be smart or you could be the target of a critical hit!

– Having some issues with a specific puzzle? Head to the shop and spend some gold on powerful magic items.

– Try to reach the end of the world map, one puzzle at a time. You’ll find villagers giving you special missions, too!


HD assets (Screenshots, Key Arts, etc…) available here: 🡇📁 DOWNLOAD

Why the surprise releases strategy?

As you may know, we plan to announce our games only as they’re available.
We’ve been told pretty early how risky this kind of strategy is.
And to be honest, yeah, we’re a bit anxious as well!
That said, we think there are at least two good reasons to make it this way.

On your side, no waiting!

Who doesn’t like a nice little surprise?
In these times of endless marketing campaigns, we sure know we miss that lighthearted way of discovering a title.
Starting a game with no expectations, and even sometimes with no clue about what it really is, can be very refreshing.

But even more important… No waiting!
Should you like what you see on one of our release trailers,
hey, it’s here NOW.

On our side, less pressure.

Crafting stuff in secret is super fun!
We can be spontaneous and feel no pressure, we like this a lot.
But also, communication.

There is a very uncomfortable time for most developers, and that time is when we feel our publishers are overselling our games to you.
Please note they have to, it’s their job to push again and again to reach the biggest possible crowd and get their/our money back.

But as the trailers pile up for small games like ours, often we feel we’re artificially building some hype only to give you reasons to be disappointed on the release day.
Think about someone telling you one time this new movie could be interesting. Now think about 10 people urging you every few days to see the exact same movie cause it’s fantastic.
It will inevitably set unrealistic expectations (even maybe make you grumpy) and nobody will be happy at the end of the day.

Hey, but we want you to be happy!
And we also want to be happy ourselves!

That’s why NanoPiko have a (terrific) distributor but no publisher, this way we can speak to you in a more natural tone.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy our first game enough to be there for our next projects!

Who’s the team behind NanoPiko ?

You guessed it already thanks to the “nano” part of the name, we’re a tiny team of only three people : )
Please note there is no order of importance in this list, we all three make decisions, participate in game design, and speak for the team on social media and stuff!

HERVE BARBARESI – “Pixel crafter”

Herve is a graphic artist for many years now and makes sure everything is clean, charming and shiny.
Here are some of his previous works you could know: “Maestro! Jump in Music”, “Pang Adventures”, and “Pix the Cat”. (Pastagames)


Florian handles everything code related and kindly explains machines in simple terms to the two other kids who can’t read binary good.
His previous works include “Rayman: Jungle Run” (Pastagames), “City of love : Paris” (Ubisoft) and “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” (Arkane Studios).

– AURELIEN REGARD – “Jack-of-all-stats”

Many years ago, Aurelien co-founded Arkedo studio (“Nervous Brickdown”, “Big Bang Mini”, “HellYeah!”) and since then makes graphics, music, or anything else needed as long as it’s not actually working code (“Away”, “The Next Penelope”).